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Lost/Issuance of Duplicate Shares Certificate

A share certificate is a signed document on behalf of a company that serves as legal proof of ownership of the number of shares indicated. Being a paper, it is prone to • Mutilation • Theft • Lost in transit • Misuse For an investor, it will be a great loss.

What will you do if you lose an important document like your share certificate? The thought itself can prove to be a nightmare as there are chances of the document being misused—leading to a financial loss. This article elaborates on the steps you should take to get duplicate share certificates from the company registrars to avoid any financial loss.

If you have lost or misplaced your share certificates of any listed company, you need to immediately inform the respective company—of which you had the shares. You also need to quote the folio number and details of share certificates to the company for their reference. When a company receives an intimation that you have lost the shares, the folio number or the details provided to the company are frozen—in lieu of the lost one. This is done by the company to prevent any fraud or transfer of shares. We provide assistance to issue duplicate shares certificate/mutual fund/bonds

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